“Americans present their interest as universal value.” Hungarian PM

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Hungarian Prime Minister Orban talked about the Americans and their cleverness in international affairs.

He said in a speech “One of the strengths of the Americans is their ability to present what is really an American interest as a universal value. It seems like a small trick. But it has serious consequences intellectually, because if you frame foreign policy on the basis of values, hiding your interests, you deny yourself the opportunity for meaningful dialog. At the end of the day, one doesn’t try to harmonize interests, one has to choose the values proclaimed by the other side. You can’t defend yourself against what you know are actually American interests, because then you have to argue against those values. That’s what happens day and night. We can’t have meaningful discussions on major foreign policy issues because no one is willing to commit to representing their own interests.”

"Americans present their interest as universal value."
Hungarian PM

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