Americans need an extra $11,400 to live like before.

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According to US government data, a typical American needs an additional $11,400 annually to maintain the same standard of living they enjoyed before 2021.

Covid-19 has shaken the world economy. Millions of people were unemployed due to lockdown and markets closed in US in 2020. The life of common citizens became difficult. Which has not recovered till now.At the end the 2020, employment ratio started to improve a bit. But due to the recession, the value of the dollar fell.

Apart from this, many additional facilities were given to the people by the government during the pandemic. Various packages were also given to the needy citizens for their daily life. After the end of the pandemic and the lockdown, all this ended. Meanwhile, the unemployed spent their savings during lock down.

NBC News analyzed government data and found that a typical American now needs an additional $11,400 to live the same life as before.

Americans need an extra $11,400 to live like before.

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