America is in the grip of cold.

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The US has been gripped by a severe cold.

National Weather Service says: “The heaviest period of snow with this storm has yet to arrive. These are the snow amounts expected to fall between 10AM this morning and 10PM tonight. These amounts do not include what has already fallen.”

“Conditions in Berrien County, MI remain hazardous due to lake effect snow, reduced visibility, and blowing snow.”
Said NWS Indiana.

Several states are at risk of snow storms and temperatures have dropped below freezing in many areas.

Millions of people have found it difficult to go about their daily lives after heavy snowfall last Sunday.

More than 700 flights traveling within, or in or out, of the US were canceled on Sunday.

The White House says the government is monitoring the weather.

“The Biden-Harris Administration is closely monitoring winter weather across the country. We urge you to follow the guidance of your local and state officials.”

Authorities are informing US citizens on a website of the government regarding taking precautions and staying safe in cold weather.

3 Major Risks:

  • Sixty-three percent of temperature-related deaths are attributable to cold exposure.
  • Home heating is the second leading cause of home fires, and winter is when most home fires happen.
  • Travel during the winter has unique risks, especially if you travel by car.

US President Joe Biden had to say regarding the website: “As snow, ice, and extreme temperatures continue to make their way across America today, head to for information on how to stay safe.”

While talking about his efforts regarding the winter season, Biden stated: “When severe winter storms hit, our administration is ready.

Right now, National Weather Service Forecast Offices are in constant communication with officials across America, helping communities open warming shelters, connect with vulnerable populations, and prepare resources.”

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