AI showed that human tongues are as unique as fingerprints.

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In a recent study, artificial intelligence generated 3D images of the human tongue revealed that the top surface of our tongues are as different from each other as our fingertips.

According to media reports, these 3D images created by Scotland AI offer an unprecedented insight into the biological makeup of the surface of our tongue.
And sheds light on, how each person’s sense of taste and touch is different.

“In Scotland, a team of researchers at the University of Edinburgh’s School of Informatics, in collaboration with Leeds University, has provided training to AI computer models for three-dimensional scanning of human language using papillae, unique features that represent taste buds.”

Papillae are tiny bumps on the tongue and each papillae contains about 100 microscopic taste-sensing granules.

Experts said in this regard that this study can help in different food preferences in each person, their healthy alternatives and early detection of oral cancer.

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