AI is more dangerous than atomic bomb. Elon musk

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Elon Musk called AI more dangerous than nuclear bombs. According to him, AI will soon become the digital god of humans.

Elon Musk himself was one of the founders of AI in 2015. However, he is now calling it a threat to humanity. He fears that new research and inventions on AI will take it out of the hands of humans.

Elon Musk also discussed the firing of OpenAI CEO Sam Altman and his rejoining of OpenAI.
“Either Altman had a serious problem and should have been fired, or the board made a mistake and should have resigned. I don’t think it was trivial, and I’m quite concerned that they’ve discovered some kind of dangerous AI element. “
President Zelensky has seen the most troubled Ukrainian politics in recent history since 2000. His long presidency was marked by war. He was in constant conflict with Russia and its armed commander. Now his wife, Olena. says she does not want Zelensky to become president again.

Olena Zelenskaya while talking to The Economist said “I don’t want him to become president for the next term or for the next two terms, this is impossible. We will probably have to come up with something new,”

Economic war between Elon Musk and big companies.

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