After WW II, Ukraine war is the most serious military conflict for Russia.

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Russia is currently at war with Ukraine. The European Union and the US are active in helping Ukraine. Apart from them, military equipment reaches Ukraine from Pakistan, Turkey, South Korea, Japan, Israel and Canada. While those who support Russia are very limited.

Even China cannot openly support Russia. Only Iran and North Korea are countries in the world who stand with Russia regardless of anything. Commenting on the situation, Russian foreign policy strategist Dmitry Suslav has to say: “The Ukraine conflict is the most serious military conflict and geopolitical conflict that Russia has faced since World War Two, because we are really in a new patriotic war. We are in the great power conflict against the West.

We are in a conflict, which we have not seen yet in the recent Russian history because even during the Second World War, Russia was fighting against the Axis countries, but the United States and UK were on our side. Now we are struggling against the collective West all together. This is an unprecedented challenge, which has required and continues to require very serious mobilization.”

Majority of Ukrainian migrants don’t want to return to Ukraine.

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