A proposal for a direct attack on the Houthis at the Pentagon.

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The Pentagon is mulling a possible strategy against the growing Houthi attacks in the Red Sea.

According to the sources, there is a proposal to carry out direct attacks on the Houthis. Last week, the US asked for help from the Gulf countries to secure the Red Sea.
Pentagon Chief Lloyd Austin will visit the Middle East in a few days to announce a multinational campaign against the Houthis. It will be called “Operation Prose Parity Guardian.”

Yemen's Houthis siezed a tanker.
Yemen’s Houthis siezed a tanker.

The Houthis from Yemen have been attacking Israeli and other countries’ ships passing through their nearby sea passage. So far, 8 ships have been attacked by missiles and drones, while two ships have been captured by the Houthis. In addition, dozens of different ships have been forced to change their course due to the fear of attack.

4 out of the world’s top 5 major shipping companies have suspended their operations in the Red Sea due to the threat in the Red Sea. Among them are the world’s top 3 shipping companies.

Major shipping companies have suspended operations in the Red Sea

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