A look at the conflict between Venezuela and Guyana.

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Tension between Venezuela and Guyana has escalated over a territory that has been disputed for more than a century. Guyana claims it as its own, and Venezuela says it is its own territory. Venezuela asserted its rights over more than half of Guyana during the Latin American Wars of Independence.

The matter was presented to the World arbitration in 1897. However, it was not resolved until now.

On December 3, 2023, Venezuela held a referendum in the disputed territory. Agreeing to the five questions in the referendum meant voting in favor of Venezuela. According to the Venezuelan government, voter turnout was 10.5 million and 95 percent responded ” “Yes.”
According to independent sources, voter turnout was as high as 1.5 million and Venezuelan authorities are lying about the results.

After the referendum, Venezuela made a plan to formally occupy the disputed territory. After the situation escalated, the armies of both countries are on high alert.

Venezuela has appointed Major General Rodríguez Cabello as the head of administration for the disputed territory (which it calls the New Venezuelan Territory).

The Venezuelan army has not yet entered the disputed area. Nor has any mass mobilization been recorded yet. However, they are in the mode of occupying the area. They have also created a company to extract oil from the disputed area.

There is dispute over the orange colored area.

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