40 people trapped in the tunnel.Hopes are fading.

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Debris fell in the Uttarkashi Tunnel in the Indian state of Uttarakhand on the morning of November 12, trapping 40 workers inside the tunnel. Fortunately, all the workers survived, but they have not yet been extricated from the tunnel. According to preliminary estimates, it was very easy to remove them. There was no debris removal machinery at the site, heavy machinery was ordered from other parts of the country for this work.
As the relief work began to progress, difficulties became apparent.

The debris has spread up to 70 meters inside the tunnel. The rescue teams made a trace in the debris up to 40 meters, but then sounds like explosions were heard from inside the tunnel, due to which further excavation was stopped. According to experts, the sound of explosions was caused by more debris falling inside the tunnel.

Earlier plans to remove the debris have technically failed. Now officials are considering new ways to evacuate workers.

The workers of Navig Engineering Company Limited were working on this tunnel. This company works to build roads and tunnels. The construction of the tunnel had started in 2018. According to experts, the reason for the debris falling in the tunnel is geological instability.

The families of the trapped laborers have also reached there. They complain of lack of cooperation from the management. They are all worried for the lives of their loved ones. The brother of a laborer says that it seems like the last time is near.

Rescue teams are trying to dig up to 70 meters into the rubble to install a large pipe, through which the trapped people can be pulled out. But all efforts have so far been unsuccessful.

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